Badiou’s ‘translation’ of the Republic

Badiou’s 15 minutes of Anglophone academic fame – despite words of cynicism a plenty I’ve heard headed his way – would not seem to be showing any signs of abating, at least if the December publication of an English translation of his new ‘translation’ of Plato’s Republic, published in French this January (!), is anything to go by.  I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy at some point so I can make some sense of the enigmatic remarks on the Columbia University Press website:

Some readers may be scandalized by Badiou’s liberties in this translation [such as his] pervasive anachronistic references (such as AIDS, IPods, and Euros)…

Anachronistic would seem to be putting it mildly.  I’m always a fan of violent reading, if it’s done well – it’ll be interesting to see if Badiou can give Heidegger a run for his money…

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One response to “Badiou’s ‘translation’ of the Republic

  1. lololgangster

    thank god for some word on this! i’ll be keen to read this when i can find it somewhere. love the idea of doing a faithful and new translation.

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