More Warwick events (French philosophy, Hegel)

A couple more events coming up at Warwick:

Interrogating French philosophy, 1957-1967

5:30pm – 8pm, Tue 5th Mar 2013; Location: Room S0.11, Social Sciences Building


  • Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths College, London)
  • Nick Hewlett (Warwick)
  • Tzuchien Tho (CIEPFC, Paris)
  • Giuseppe Bianco (Warwick)

Hegel’s Science of Logic

Conference on Hegel’s Science of Logic. The conference will take place on 2nd-3rd May 2013 and is funded by The Leverhulme Trust.


  • Charlotte Baumann (UCL)
  • Michela Bordignon (Padua)
  • Alfredo Ferrarin (Pisa)
  • Dietmar Heidemann (Luxembourg)
  • Anton Friedrich Koch (Heidelberg)
  • Richard Lambert (Warwick)
  • Christian Martin (Munich)
  • Johannes-Georg Schülein (Bochum)
  • Graham Wetherall (Warwick)
  • Claudia Wirsing (Jena)

Anyone who is interested in attending should register with Graham Wetherall ( There is no charge for registration, but it would be helpful to the organisers if you could notify us if you plan to attend.

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