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Harrelson on Brandom and the historiography of philosophy

There’s a great paper by Kevin J. Harrelson in the latest issue of the British Journal of the History of Philosophy which argues that the arguments Robert Brandom has put forward in defence of the ‘presentism’ of his own accounts of philosophy’s ‘mighty dead’ can be marshalled as arguments in favour of ‘contextualist’ history of philosophy. Worth a read!

“Infancy and the Self/Other Differentiation” @ Copenhagen

Interesting conference in Copenhagen in October. More info here.

Some thoughts from Schliesser on Don Rutherford’s conception of “history of philosophy as metaphilosophy”


Critique of ‘accelerationism’…








…by Benjamin Noys.

Does the philosophy of religion have a future?

Helpful collection of links over at Daily Nous to an interesting online debate about the relevance of the philosophy of religion as a subdiscipline of contemporary professional philosophy.

Paul Braterman on the natural, the supernatural and science

Some interesting thoughts here.

Podcast on “The Philosophy of Solitude”

In Our Time on BBC Radio 4.

Pierre Bourdieu’s photographs of Algeria


New English translation of Deleuze’s 1959-’60 course on Rousseau

By Arjen Kleinherenbrink (Nijmegen).

Tanya Luhrmann on cultural context and schizophrenia

Interesting research by an anthropologist at Stanford on the way the hallucinatory ‘voices’ heard by schizophrenics vary in character depending on cultural context.