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Save ‘The Hobbit’!

I’m going a bit off the philosophical track today to help publicise a campaign to save a little pub in Southampton, The Hobbit, from petty and unfair legal action from – you’ve guessed it – a US-based, multi-national, multi-million dollar corporation. This corporation, Middle-Earth Enterprises (which sounds so much like a name you’d come up with to parody the crass commercialisation of Tolkien’s legacy that it’s hard to believe it’s real), is attempting to force the Tolkien-themed pub, The Hobbit, in the student area of Southampton, Portswood, to rebrand – something the landlady claims she simply cannot afford to do. The pub has borne the branding for 20 years, and is an important social and cultural hub for the surrounding community.  Certainly a drink at The Hobbit has always been a highlight of my various visits to Southampton.

Please lend your support! There is a Facebook and Twitter campaign, as well as an e-petition. Two members of the cast of the upcoming Hobbit movie, Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen, have already shown their support. Please do the same.